NFL Picks insider reports that feuds are a common factor in football and there is no scarcity of it now as well. As now retired linebacker Brian Urlacher opens his mouth about an uneven negotiation deal, everyone doubt whether there is any healing to do between the Bears and the former linebacker. Urlacher had reiterated in March that things became too personal when Bears announced that there was a discord and the formation of a formal agreement between both parties had failed. He blamed the ‘lip service’ that Bears wanted Urlacher was void as shown by the remunerations offered- about $ 2 million for a year.

NFL expert picks understand why Urlacher said that the offer meant something like, ‘we want you but we want you in that price. There is no need for a formal negotiation. You’d have to play with the money we offer and we are not ready to negotiate.’ Urlacher retired two months later and he opened his mouth at that time for ESPN and said that he had no anguish about being Bears’ linebacker but the negotiations were a bit too rough. He said that he has a cordial relationship with ninety nine percent people of Bears, except one whose name was not exposed.

NFL Football picks has record that Urlacher revealed that he was upset when the negotiation decision was told. He said that he had a view that he deserved better. He said that the remunerations were fixed pointing to the fact that there was no space for further negotiations. He said that he felt like “If someone would have told me, ‘Hey, you know what, we want you here but we want you here for this number. We don’t want your agent to make an offer. Here’s what we have to offer you. We want to get younger, but we want to keep you here for another year or two maybe see what happens if you play well.'

NFL insider reports that Jeff Dickerson has identified the “one person” as Bears’ general manager (GM) Phil Emery. To be honest, the GM has full authority over the operations; hence, it’s normal for the players moving out to blame him for the decisions or the execution of negotiations. Some people think that the Bears had made the right decision to move on from Urlacher but was seriously surprised to know that they went to such lengths in action — lip service or otherwise — in negotiations.NFL predictions were correct that Bears would publish full page advertisements praising Urlacher. Since the apple of discord has now become a thing of past, everyone should be happy. Urlacher may take a little time but no one would be satisfied 100% ever, especially in football. That’s a fact.