Meet Brad Pitt. No, not the actor you see on the big screen. The other Brad Pitt, who's an undefeated Cruiserweight boxer from Australia. Yes, Fight Club just got a whole lot more real.

PictureBrad Pitt (Boxer) / Brad Pitt (Actor)
Bradley Michael Pitt, 31, also known as "Hollywood" because of his famous namesake, quit his job as a painter in order to train for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. However, he did not qualify. He quit his painter job a second time and returned to win the Heavyweight (199 lbs.) gold medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. And while he still gets the occasional taunt about his name, he's learned to put up with it.

"Mate, I've been living with that other bloke's name for years, it doesn't worry me at all,'' he told Australia's Herald Sun while practicing. 

His mother said he found out about his more famous counterpart during elementary school, when a child brought in a newspaper clip about the actor during show and tell. 

"He likes to be known for his talent, not his name," his mother Leanne told Australia's The Age.

Brad Pitt is currently undefeated with 14 Wins / 11 by way of KO and is vying to be a prime contender for the Cruiserweight title.

He recently took to Facebook to let his fans and followers know that "something big could be brewing".

We think this Brad Pitt's star is rising. Watch his last fight against Mosese Sorovi.


Hollywood loves gambling movies and so do the rest of us. We decided to pick the Top 10 Gambling Movies of all time for this slideshow. There seems to be an endless amount of movies about gambling and gamblers. Brad Pitt, Paul Newman and Director Martin Scorsese managed to land on the Top 10 more than once. A few of the movies on the list may come as a surprise. Let us know what you think and if we left any great gambling movies out.

Top 10 Gambling Movies of All Time


Brad Pitt spent "Seven Years in Tibet" in the 1997 movie. Clint Dempsey spent seven years in the Premier League before announcing his return back home to the MLS to join the Seattle Sounders. Welcome back Clint!

PictureClint Dempsey is coming back to MLS Soccer to Join Seattle Sounders
Bringing back the USA's best player, who
started his career with the New England Revolution before joining Fulham, is quite the "get" for MLS. It will be interesting to hear what changed for Dempsey
in the last 12 months to bring him back to the league after seeming so focused on rising to new heights in Europe and if he plans on returning to Europe on
short offseason loans like Landon Donovan has done with Everton in years past before needing to take an extended break from the game.

When the U.S. played Panama in Seattle in June, Dempsey was very impressed with the huge crowds and passion for the game in the city.

From News Tribune:

"I’m good friends with [Seattle striker] Eddie Johnson and he always tells me
about what it’s like playing here in front of these fans. It’s an atmosphere
that’s comparable to playing in Europe. It’s crazy to see because when I first
started out in MLS, things weren’t like that, so it’s great to see that the game
is building. People have so much passion for the game. I almost felt like I was
in another country the other day when the Seattle Sounders game was on. I was
walking to eat dinner, and just as I was walking past the bar, the TV was on and
everybody was watching soccer. For me that was awesome."

So how good is Mr. Clint Dempsey? Well he is considered the best US player.
Dempsey has the ability to dribble with the ball, albeit in a rough, somewhat
out of control manner. He can score from distance. He positions himself so he
can poke it in from a couple of yards. He can play on the wing, in central
midfield or as a striker, with or without a partner. There is a strong argument
that he was the best at heading the ball in the Premier League.