Cantor Sports GamingCEO of Cantor Gaming Lee Amaitis is betting on Inside Wagers
Cantor Gaming, an affiliate of global financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald, announced it has received authorization from the Nevada State Gaming Control Board to field test a new sports betting medium called Inside Wagers.

You might recall that Boxing phenom Floyd Mayweather recently made news for posting his winning Sports Wager on his Twitter. He placed that wager at the Cantor M Resort Spa Casino. Apparently, this is where he likes to place his Sports Bets as many other twitter posts show the same Cantor@M trademark.

“We’re creating an environment that allows people to get in and
out of games at a much lower cost. Instead of the traditional 10 percent fee
imposed on every bet, patrons will now be offered the opportunity to wager on an
event at a substantial discount to the traditional rate”

Inside Wagers, which will initially be introduced at the M Resort Spa Casino, gives patrons the
opportunity to wager on individual games inside the conventional bookmaker
lines. The system will operate on a commission basis to the patron on bets that
are accepted.

“Inside Wagers is a line within the line, a revolutionary concept in the world of
sports betting,” said Lee Amaitis, CEO of Cantor Gaming. “We’re creating an
environment that allows people to get in and out of games at a much lower cost.
Instead of the traditional 10 percent fee imposed on every bet, patrons will now
be offered the opportunity to wager on an event at a substantial discount to the
traditional rate,” he added.

Bets through Inside Wagers can only be placed during a designated betting
window on a first-in, first-out basis. Once the window of time closes, additional
bets are not allowed. All bets are then reviewed and either accepted in total, in part,
or declined by the sports book based on demand of the wagering marketplace.

“Because lines continually move and Inside Wagers betting windows will open and
close throughout the week starting on Thursday, patrons can take advantage of
making bets based on the anticipated movement of the line, just as you would in
the financial market,” said Mr. Amaitis.

Inside Wagers further builds upon Cantor Gaming’s expertise in financial technology,
bringing Wall Street style trading to Las Vegas sports wagering. “We’re in the
business of creating unique gaming experiences and continuously updating our
products and technology to offer customers a gaming experience that they can’t
get in any other sports book,” Mr. Amaitis said.


Demetrious Johnson jumped two spots up ESPN's pound-for-pound list following his victory over the weekend, surpassing the promotion's heavyweight and lightweight champs. That's quite an accomplishment for a 125-pound fighter whose division is yet to garner the attention or respect of his peers. It could be seriously argued that Johnson's combination of physical attributes and technical skill is the best of anyone on the list. See how the other fighters rank.

Pound-for-pound Power Rankings
1 Jon Jones
Light Heavyweight

Last Rank: 1
Annnnnnd the NEW, pound-for-pound king, Mr. Jon Jones. Jones didn't look happy about Anderson Silva's loss. Maybe because he's just a huge fan of Silva, or maybe because he saw a big-money superfight go down with him.
2 Georges St-Pierre

Last Rank: 2
St-Pierre called the upset. He had Chris Weidman winning all the way in this one. Now it's up to him to not suffer a fate similar to Silva's. Johny Hendricks awaits in November.
3 Jose Aldo

Last Rank: 3
As fun as the "Korean Zombie" matchup is, it just doesn't have the same sparkle as an Anthony Pettis fight. Nevertheless, Aldo will seek his fifth consecutive title defense in August.
4 Anderson Silva

Last Rank: 4
Hey, everybody gets caught, right? Of course, if you leave your hands down and act a fool, it increases the odds of it happening. But this is Anderson Silva we're talking about, after all. How will he respond?
5 Chris Weidman

Last Rank: 5
We suspected Weidman had the skill to be a UFC star. Now he has the signature win. Knocking out Anderson Silva? That's something nobody is forgetting any time soon. Weidman says it's just the beginning.
6 Demetrious Johnson
Last Rank: 8
UFC's flyweight champ did everything right against John Moraga, showing the full scope of his pound-for-pound abilities en route to his first non-decision Octagon-bound victory.
7 Benson Henderson
Last Rank: 6
A win is a win, and Henderson now has seven in the UFC after beating Gilbert Melendez. Close fights happen when you operate in the UFC's most talented division. Anthony Pettis is next.
8 Cain Velasquez
Last Rank: 7
His first title defense against Antonio Silva was, with respect to "Bigfoot," a bit of a gimme. The second one is where it's at: Velasquez-Junior dos Santos III in October. Mark it down on your calendar.
9 Renan Barao

Last Rank: 9
The bantamweight division is no longer on (Dominick) Cruz control thanks to this Brazilian phenom. Forget waiting for the champ; Barao looks to defend the interim title (again) later this year.
10 Gilbert Melendez

Last Rank: 10
Color us all impressed, Gil. You might not have won the title against Ben Henderson, but it didn't feel like you really lost, either. Henderson expects to see Melendez again down the road. Probably a good guess.