Muhammad Ali shocked the world by beating then Heavyweight champ Sonny Liston. Chris Weidman's Knockout of Anderson Silva shook the MMA world and turned it upside down. This is exactly why we love watching these fights. You really never know what will happen.

Chris Weidman shocked the MMA and sports world Saturday night, ending the long-run of Anderson Silva atop the UFC's middleweight division at UFC 162: Silva Vs. Weidman. Weidman ignored the taunts and gestures of "The Spider," connecting with a left that floored him in the second round. The knockout loss was the first of Silva's career.

"I felt like I was destined for this, but it still felt a little far-fetched," Weidman said. "I imagined in happening a million times in my heard. The only way this could have happened was God; he is the unbeaten Bruce Lee of mixed martial arts."

Weidman received a seemingly puzzled, wobbled look from Silva after his first left connected, but the second wasn't the same, sending the Brazilian to the canvas.

A couple more uncontested blows resulted in Silva being out cold and trying to grab referee Herb Dean's leg when he came to.

"My corner does certain things to play with me (in training) that pisses me off," Weidman said. "I knew little by little I would keep on him. No one is invincible."

Weidman (10-0) added that he has "all respect to Anderson Silva," and that he would do a rematch if the former champion wanted on.

"I didn't say it in the (lead up) but Anderson is an idol of mine," he added. "I looked up to that guy for a long time."

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