Phil Vassallo has managed to be on the winning side of Sports Betting. He is now offering you his Free Picks for both MLB and NFL games. He reveals the strategy that has made him into a very rich man. Join Phil Vassallo and Prime Wagers and stay on the winning side of the game.

Professional Sports Handicapper Phil Vassallo
There has been quite a lot of noise made in the Professional Handicapping circles about where Phil Vassallo originated from. To set the record straight, he is originally from Athens, Greece. He is known by his friends as "Phil the Greek". He spent a lifetime as a professional gambler, mostly in Horse Racing. In the last decade he got turned onto sports betting and says he never looked back. The cigar smoking Phil Vassallo managed to beat other Sports Handicappers that have been in the business for a lifetime. He held an impressive 56% win ratio in the 2012 NFL Season and says he plans to do even better in 2013.

He says his strategy is betting on the previous seasons dogs. The dogs are the NFL teams that really struggled. The teams with the 2-14 record that nobody wants to bet on. Well someone does, Phil the Greek will take those dogs. Why you ask? Well he explains that losing teams usually do better the following years. They have more to prove and have very little to lose. Sportsbooks also give  these "dog" teams the best lines. Anybody that knows anything about Sports Betting will tell you that it is all about getting a more favorable line.

Phil says there are a few contenders for the team that will go against all odds and become the "dog to bet"  for 2013. Currently it's the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes, the team with the worst record in the NFL for 2012. He is also looking at two more teams to beat the odds. The Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia  Eagles.

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